What is Cajun & Zydeco Music and Dance?

"In 1600 religious refugees from France settled in the eastern part of Canada and called it Acadia. In 1755 the English expelled them and renamed the area Nova Scotia. A few French Acadians migrated to Louisiana and took their music and language with them. Nowadays only 25% of Louisiana's population are Acadians (or Cajuns as they are now known) but the music is alive and kicking. Its French roots accounts for much of the singing being in French.

Both Cajun and Zydeco have been influenced by the mix of cultures in Louisiana. Cajun music is now up-beat and ideal for Cajun jitterbug (a kind of jive), two step, or just to boogie to.

Zydeco is a syncopated form adapted from Cajun by black Louisianans and has a earthy, raunchy, bluesy feel about it and is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor" (Bristol Cajun Club, 2004).

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